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Hi! We are Manoj & Anisha.

Founders of Panipurizz Singapore

Panipuri is a street food sensation that's popular amongst all age groups for adding a flavourful punch to the plate. When we were staying in India we loved it and would frequent the pani puri 'khomch'a as often as two to three times a week.

When we first came to Singapore in 2002 , there were many things that we missed from India. One of the things at the top of the list was food and in particular, our favourite—pani puris. But they were seldom available and that too, of a different taste. So we started making them at home and used to invite friends over for a 'Chaat' party. Friends who had them loved it and encouraged us to share them with others too.

It's very much in our nature to want to share with people what we enjoy.
​And not just that, we also wanted to donate towards the running of the meditation centre that we go to in Singapore. It’s a really peaceful place that is open to everyone for free. And this is why we started Panipurizz in 2017.

Since then we have also introduced meetha paans into the menu—a sweet after-meal treat. We look forward to more of you enjoying both pani puris and paans in time to come. Thank you for your support!

All our love, 
Manoj & Anisha

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